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Free iPhone 3G Apps Download

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Apple has launched its app store today and there's a bunch of great stuff to download for your iPhone. But not everybody wants to spend their hard earned cash on applications so we've put together a list of our favorite free iPhone applications. Yup, that's right...free! You don't have to pay a dime to get these awesome applications. Happy downloading!

With PayPal you can use your existing PayPal account to send/receive money.
Sixteen different currencies are available and you can check your balance as well.

Rotary Dialer

There is a replacement for the keypad dialer.
Rotary Dialer takes you back to the olden days when you could use a rotary dialer to make your calls.
To dial, just tap on the number you want to dial and drag it around to the mark.


One of the first iPhone movie apps, Movies.app shares movie listings by zip code or theater for a three-day span. The “Download Now” link directs you to the iTunes App Store, where you must continue the download process.
You must have iTunes installed in order to open the link, and you must have an active iTunes account to download the application.


Lets you browse your online photo albums from one app. Can grab photos from Picasa, Flickr, MySpace and Photobucket.
It’s free and works better than the non-free Flickr Mobile app
And, You can view your photos online if you want to save space on your phone.


mobileZIPcodes is a small tool that allows you to browse ZIP codes and the corresponding city/state/district/country data on your iPhone or iPod touch.
As you don’t require to be online while looking up the ZIP code information, it is in particular useful for iPod touch users without the ability to use EDGE on the way.

Jott for iPhone

Voice recording and note-taking.
No idea how it is because it won’t let me use it. It wants to verify my account with a SMS, which took a day for me to get, but now it wants me to do it again. Why type when you can talk?
Most people don’t have the patience for this for a simple app.

If Found

Stop worrying about losing your iPhone by using If Found.
If Found lets you store your contact information on your phone and you can even use your information as the phone’s wallpaper so if your device is found it can be returned to you promptly.


iPhone Scrabble word checker app.
It would just input a word and then tell you if it was good or bad to play in Scrabble.
There would also be an options screen where the user could change dictionaries.


Nothing fancy, just like the Stock app. A nice, simple app.
Well let Currency do the work for you as it provides up to-date exchange rate information for more than 50 currencies and more than 70 countries.

Alarm Free

A self-defence/emergency alarm with a freefall detector.
Talk about a useful utility for your iPhone.
Push the big red button and your iPhone goes off like…well…an alarm!


What happens when the power goes out? Most of us reach for a flashlight. If you can't find your flashlight then just grab your iPhone and use Light to turn it into a flashlight. Simple, elegant and effective. With Light you'll never be without a flashlight again!
File: light.tiff Caption: Turn your iPhone into a flashlight. Title: Light


This application is absolutely useless but it's a hell of a lot of fun! Yes, you really can turn your iPhone into a lightsaber by swinging it around your head. You can change the color of your lightsaber and hear lightsaber sound effects. PhoneSaber is about as close to owning a real lightsaber as most of us will come.
Just be careful you don't throw your iPhone across the room as you battle Darth Vader to save the galaxy!
File: phonesaber.tiff Caption: Use your iPhone as a lightsaber and save the galaxy! Title: PhoneSaber


If you've ever wanted to read ebooks on your iPhone then be sure to grab eReader. You'll be able to read free ebooks available all over the internet or you can choose to buy them from ereader.com, fictionwise.com and other ebook retailers. eReader puts ebooks right at your fingertips on your iPhone.
File: ereader.tiff Caption: Read ebooks on your iPhone! Title: eReader


Are you hooked up on Twitter? Then make it easy to update Twitter and to stay in touch with your friends and family. Let them know what you're doing right now.
File: twitterrific Caption: Let your friends know what you're doing right now. Title: Twitterrific


Are you a social networking junkie? Facebook lets you start a conversation with Facebook Chat, upload photos to facebook, check your friends' status or photos, or even look up a phone number. Facebook promises to add more features in the future.
File: facebook.tiff Caption: Stay in touch through Facebook on your iPhone. Title: Facebook

Google Mobile App

Who doesn't use Google for searching in this day and age? Well now you can get Google right on your iPhone! Need to find something on the Web? Google Mobile App makes it quick and easy to get the information you want from the comfort of your iPhone.
File: Google Mobile App.tiff Caption: Search Google right from your iPhone! Title: Google Mobile App


Well who doesn't have an AIM ID at this point? No point in not having your favorite IM client available on your iPhone. AIM makes it easy to stay in touch and IM your way through your busy day.
File: AIM.tiff Caption: Use AIM to instant message your friends and family. Title: AIM


Need to know the weather? WeatherBug lets you get satellite weather maps, current radar, detailed forecasts, weather cameras, and severe weather alerts. You can get weather from 45,000 locations all over the world. A weather junkie's dream!
File: weatherbug.tiff Caption: WeatherBug lets you get weather from more than 45,000 locations. Title: WeatherBug


We all jot things down that we think we want to remember. Evernote makes it easy to note, remember and most importantly to find information you want to save for later. Evernote was designed with information pack-rats in mind. Instead of writing stuff down on random pieces of paper, use Evernote. It will synchronize your information across your iPhone, Mac or PC.
File: evernote.tiff Caption: Capture and find the information you need. Title: Evernote

Salesforce Mobile

If you're in sales and you're a user of salesforce.com then you'll want to check out Salesforce Mobile. It lets you access your important information on the run including your contacts, leads, products, opportunities, emails, phone calls, and maps as well as lot of other stuff.
File: salesforcemobile.tiff Caption: Salesforce.com users will find Salesforce Mobile a big help on the road. Title: Salesforce Mobile


Eventful lets you find local events, know which performers will be performing and generally keep track of what's happening at your favorite venues. You can also share your favorites with friends and track what your friends are interested in. You'll have tour dates for more than 130,000 performers and schedules for all venues near you.
File: eventuful.tiff Caption: Keep track of events and performers at your favorite local venues. Title: Salesforce Mobile

eBay Mobile

Use eBay Mobile to bid, search or check your auction activity from your iPhone. You don't need your computer any more to participate in eBay auctions. eBay Mobile turns your iPhone into a portable auction house. Continued...
File: ebaymobile.tiff Caption: Manage your ebay auctions from your iPhone. Title: eBay Mobile


Ever hear a song but wonder who the artist is that sings it? With Shazam you can find out who the artist is and what the track name is. You can also buy the music you hear (from iTunes), see related videos on YouTube, save your tag history and personalize your tags with photos. And you can share your tags with friends via Mail.
File: shazam.tiff Caption: Find out who sings that cool song your just heard. Title: Shazam

Mobile News Network

Get all the news you need to know right from the Associated Press. You can personalize your news and combine local news with the AP's videos, photos, and national/international coverage. News junkies will love the Mobile News Network.
File: mnn.tiff Caption: Get local and AP news on your iPhone. Title: Mobile News Network


Ever need to find the nearest Starbucks? The cheapest gas? The best restaurants? Where your friends are? Well you can find that and more by using Where on your iPhone. Where lets you connect with the people and places around you. You'll always be able to get something to eat or a cup of coffee with—Where.
File: where.tiff Caption: Find food, gas and your friends right from your iPhone. Title: Where


If you're a user of the SmugMug photo and video sharing site then you'll love this application. It lets you share your photos to online galleries complete with geotags so your friends can see you on maps.
It even lets you see where your shots were taken by putting them on Google Maps! Continued...
File: smugmug.tiff Caption: Share your photos with Smug Mug. Title: Smug Mug

The New York Times

Are you a left-winger? Then you'll love having the NY Times headlines & news delivered right to your iPhone! You'll get the latest stories and you can even create your own custom menu of news categories. Conservatives might want to steer clear of this app though as the NY Times does slant its coverage quite a bit to the left.
File: NY Times Caption: Get the NY Times news on your iPhone. Title: NY Times


Are you a blogger? Then TypePad will be right up your alley if you use their Web based service. You can update your blog, add or share photos and let your friends know when your blog is updated by automatically updating Twitter. TypePad makes it easy for you to blog on the go right from your iPhone!
File: TypePad Caption: Blog right from your iPhone! Title: TypePad

Mobile Banking

If you're a Bank of America customer then you can manage your banking right from your iPhone. Mobile Banking lets you find the nearest ATM with a touch of a button. You can check balances 24/7 and you can pay bills or transfer funds. Why bother to bank through your browser or actually visit a bank in meat space? Use Mobile Banking instead.
File: mobilebanking.tiff Caption: Do your banking on your iPhone. Title: Mobile Banking

Epocrates Rx

Epocrates won't appeal to a wide crowd as it's geared toward healthcare professionals. But if you're one of them and you need a handy drug reference then Epocrates Rx will fit the bill. The database is continually updated and provides monographs for 3300 brand and generic drugs. This includes dosing, interactions, pricing, adverse reactions, and images of each medication. You can even use the interactions tool to check for potentially dangerous drug interactions.
File: epocratesrx.tiff Caption: Healthcare professionals will find Epocrates Rx a helpful way to identify drugs. Title: Epocrates Rx


Have you ever wanted a remote control to use to control your music on Apple TV or in iTunes on your computer? Well, Remote lets you do just that via your Wi-Fi network so you can control what plays from any room in your house! Remote is basically a lazy couch potatoes dream application. Why get-up and change the song by hand? That would come perilously close to exercise! Grab your copy of Remote and kick back and enjoy your music the way you want!
File: remote.tiff Caption: Use Remote to control your music playback from any room in your home. Title: Remote

Weight Tracker

Keeping track of your weight is a great way to protect your health. Weight Tracker lets you set goals and you have the option to synchronize your entries at such sites as the PHRnetwork.com, TulsaMillionMiles.com and ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet.com. Your family can also track their weight loss goals by using a separate profile for each person.
File: weightracker.tiff Caption: Track your weight loss progress. Title: Weight Tracker

Truveo Video Search

Trying to find cool videos to watch on your iPhone? Truveo Video Search lets you find videos from a variety of sites. You can play highest ranked or most popular videos and you can customize the interface with your favorite categories. You can also share videos via email.
File: truveo.tiff Caption: Find videos from a variety of sites to view on your iPhone. Title: Truveo Video Search


Ever wanted to remember something but don't feel like typing into into the iPhone? Use VoiceNotes instead and record a short audio message for later reference. Why type when you can speak?
File: voicenotes.tiff Caption: Record short audio messages on your iPhone. Title: VoiceNotes


Baseball nuts rejoice! Now you can have baseball player statistics from 1871 to 2007 right on your iPhone! You can get career stats, find a player by team or year and search for player or team name.
File: baseball.tiff Caption: Access baseball statistics from your iPhone. Title: Baseball

Save Benjis

Looking for the best price for that special gift? Save Benjis lets you find the best internet prices on all your favorite goods. You can compare prices for over 15 million products from more than 1000 different stores. You can also read reviews and purchase products right from your iPhone.
File: savebenjis.tiff Caption: Find the best prices on lots of products from your iPhone. Title: Save Benjis