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How to Connect Mac to HDTV?

Have you ever faced the situation that your Macbook or Macbook Pro has a too small screen to watch video comfortably? Maybe you can connect your Mac to a high-definition television with HDMI connections then you can use the big-screen HDTV as a monitor for your Mac and enjoy that same content right on your HDTV more conveniently.

The HDTV's HDMI and DVI ports are more preferred by users because of their excellent quality. One thing we should pay attention to is that DVI can not support video and audio in a single connection while the HDMI can. Though the VGA connection doesn't work as good as the HDMI and DVI connections, you can also have a try with it when you connect Mac to HDTV. If your TV supports full resolution, you can also enjoy your Mac videos on HDTV with excellent quality via the VGA port.


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What you will need to connect Mac to HDTV?


Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Miniconnect Mac to HDTV

Mac Pros, MacBook Pros, and Mac Minis all have standard DVI connectors. So if your HDTV has a free DVI port, you just need a standard DVD cable to connect your Mac to HDTV. But if you want to connect Mac to HDTV through HDMI or VGA connection, you need an adapter for help.


For VGA connection, you can use the adapter that came with your Mac. There are two kinds of adapters you can use for HDMI connection. One is a cable with a DVI connector on one end and an HDMI connector on the other. The other one is a small adapter that has both types of connectors, but no cable. Both types of adapters will work fine when you conncet Mac to HDTV.

Different from the three kinds of computers mentioned above, iMacs and MacBooks both have a mini DVI connector to connect to HDTV. So you'll need a mini DVI-to-DVI adapter and a DVI-to-HDMI or a DVI-to-VGA adapter when you connect iMac or Macbook to HDTV.

Tutorial: How to Connect Mac to HDTV?

Step 1: Connect Adapter to Mac

Begin by shutting down your Macbook and turning the power of your HDTV off. Once the Macbook is shut down, connect the adapter to Mac. This is the first step to watch Mac video on HDTV.

Step 2: Connect Adapter to HDTV

The next step after you connected the adapter to your computer is to get HDMI end of the adapter connected to your television.

Step 3: Adjust Monitor Resolution

After connect Mac to HDTV, you should turn on the HDTV first. Once the HDTV is powered up, then turn on the Mac. You should see your Mac desktop on your television screen. How does it look? If it is squished or stretched you will have to adjust the monitor resolution of your Macbook. To do this go into System Preferences and select Display. Then it should automatically adjust to the current size.


Once you have connected your Mac to HDTV and adjusted the monitor resolution, it's time to enjoy Mac video on HDTV. Just enjoy yourself in it!

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