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How to Download Youtube Videos on Mac?

free download youtube video on mac
YouTube to iPod
It helps you download, convert, play and manage your favorite YouTube videos which compatible with your favorite portable device.
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1. Find your favorite video. This step is pretty self explanatory. Be sure to use Safari and search for your favorite YouTube Video. It's as easy as that!

2. Next, you need to go to 'Window' and down to Activity. Click on 'Activity' to bring up the next dialog box.

free download youtube videos on Mac

3. Once the dialog box has popped up you need to look for the YouTube page among all the page titles and files listed in the window.

4. Once you locate it and expand all the activities going on in the page, look for the largest file size (this is shown in the right hand corner). Most of the files found in a YouTube page are small files while most FLV files are several megabytes.

Once you locate the largest file, double click on it. This should cause another window to open and a download to ensue after that called "get_video".

youtube on mac


You can also use these free online downloader sites:
www.videodl.org/       keepvid.com/       www.downthisvideo.com/
www.kissyoutube.com/       www.kcoolonline.com/


If the youtube videos and music are not the format that you need, read the guide to learn how to convert videos to other video format files.

If you want to download free music, video, etc using limewire on Mac OS, click here.