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iPod Not Recognized in iTunes and Mac Desktop



Note: This article is for Mac users

Can't see your iPod in iTunes or the Finder? Remember these five basic suggestions when you run into a problem with your iPod. If one of the following doesn’t help, read on for solutions to specific problems.




Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall , Restore

Before starting, make sure your iPod is fully charged and then toggle the Hold switch on and off.

1. Reset your iPod.
2. Retry with a different USB or FireWire port.
3. Restart your computer and make sure you have the latest software updates installed.
4. Remove iTunes software and then reinstall iTunes software from latest versions on the web.
5. Restore your iPod. See “Updating and Restoring iPod Software” in the user's guide.

Still can't see your iPod?

Several things could keep iPod from appearing in iTunes or in the Finder when you connect it to your Mac. The most likely causes are listed below in logical order (you'll find information for both USB and FireWire iPod connections). Check each one starting from the top of the list to see if that is what's keeping iPod from appearing.

You're connecting to a USB keyboard or other USB device

With any model of iPod (except for iPod shuffle), if you connect it to a low-powered USB port (such as one on your keyboard or bus-powered USB hub), the USB Lower Power Notice may appear:


iPod Not Recognized in iTunes


If you click OK, your iPod won't appear. Make sure that you connect your iPod directly to one of the computer's USB ports or to a powered (as in connected to an electrical outlet) USB hub.

If you use USB instead of FireWire to connect, it won't appear in iTunes unless you update to Mac OS X 10.3.4 or later. If you can't update your software, then use FireWire instead. Note: iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod (5th generation), and iPod classic can only sync via USB.

      1. Your Mac is sleeping

        Your Mac must be awake to recognize iPod. Be sure that you wake the computer before connecting your iPod.

        Your Mac doesn't meet iPod system requirements
      2. Make sure that your Mac meets the iPod system requirements.
      3. Third-party FireWire and USB cards and PC cards may not work and are not supported by Apple.

      4. You're missing some system software
      5. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. If you're using Mac OS X, make sure that iTunes is installed on the startup disk and not on another volume. Check the iTunes download page for the latest version of iTunes for Mac OS X.

      6. Your iPod FireWire or USB cable is faulty
        1. 1. Make sure that you are using the cable that came with your iPod. Some third-party cables may not work properly with iPod.
        2. 2. Make sure that nothing is in or blocking your computer's FireWire or USB port.
        3. 3. Check the connections to make sure that the cable is completely plugged in.
        4. Note: If you're using an iPod shuffle (2nd generation), make sure the iPod is inserted securely in the iPod shuffle Dock.
        5. 4. Try another known-good FireWire or USB through Dock Connector cable, if available

        6. Your computer's port is faulty
          1. 1. Make sure that your connections are secure.
          2. 2. Try another known-good FireWire or USB port on your computer or on a different computer, if available.

          3. Your iPod hard disk's format is damaged or was altered

            If you reformatted the hard disk on your iPod, or if something has damaged or altered the disk's format, iTunes or the Finder may not recognize iPod. To resolve this issue, restore iPod.

            Warning: The restore process will delete all of your songs and files. This process cannot be undone. Always make a backup of your important data before restoring your iPod.

            Your iPod has a faulty port
            1. 1. Make sure that nothing is in or blocking the Dock Connector or FireWire port on your iPod.
            2. 2. Check the connection to make sure the Dock Connector or FireWire cable is completely plugged in.
            3. If this doesn't resolve the issue, your iPod may need service. You can arrange for service at the iPod Service website.

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